Promote yourself through hashtags

Use unique hashtags that relate to your brand or activities. Add a "custom" hashtag to each post. This will help users find your content if a particular video catches their attention. If you shoot a variety of content, you can use special hashtags as rubric tags.


It's a good idea to come up with your own personal hashtag.


When you've already decided on an account topic, you need to figure out what working hashtags for TickTock will work for you. You can associate certain hashtags with your profile topic that users will use to find you. You can use them to find other videos and, if they are in demand, feel free to use these tags.


For example, if you plan to create videos on the topic of books and psychology, you can use such hashtags:

#quote #psychology #literature #facts #book

#quotes #books #love books #phrases #books

#aesthetics #picture #production #aesthetic #atmosfera


You can participate in Challenges. It helps to increase engagement. It would be great if you run some kind of challange yourself and it becomes popular. The main thing is to make other users like it and support your idea. Of course, it's not so easy to come up with a cool trend because it should be repeated many times and popular authors in TicToc should be interested in it. But it's always worth trying.

For promotion and likes.


Needed for interaction with users. If you want to get more views and likes, you can write such hashtags - they can help you increase activity on the page.

Examples of hashtags are:

#recommendations #best #top  #wreck

#ticktaker #trends #recommendations #likes

#recommendations #forwas #reck #foryourpage #foryou


More on hashtags that help collect likes under videos on social media

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