Start your own channel and be active

You can start promoting your business in TikTok by doing something simple, you don't have to write content right away. First register and look around, study your competitors, try to run ads in your feed, and contact bloggers to collaborate. That way you'll understand what and how to make your own videos.


    Don't forget to be active beyond your profile: comment on other people's videos, post reactions to videos you like, participate in general conversations, subscribe to interesting users. Your goal is to get more attention on your account.


TikTok is not YouTube or even Instagram. It has its own rules that need to be reckoned with:


    the content is designed for viewing from mobile devices, so all videos must be vertical, take it into account when framing and lighting

    the optimal duration is 15 seconds, but there are no actual restrictions, the material can be grouped into several "episodes", as long as it is interesting

    Your video should be unique, not reuploaded from a third-party service, even if it is your own channel. For such tricks Tik Tok sends to the ban

    It is better to use an internal service for editing and effects. This will reduce the risk of quality loss and "artifacts" when uploading

    use trendy music and actual dance hits for the soundtrack. The more positive the message, the more feedback from the audience

    stay true to one or two themes. Users come to watch videos about specific things, and just unsubscribe if the author has changed his views dramatically.

    don't use profanity or content that may offend people based on race, gender, or religion

    be professional about what you do. For example, quality material on marketing or business today is extremely small, the niche is virtually empty

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