Use popular tracks

TikTok users have access to an extensive music library. Videos made to popular tracks get to the top more quickly. Follow music trends in the app and "sound" trendy.


In the web version and desktop app, you can find music videos that are gaining popularity in the "Interesting" section. By clicking on the name of a clip, you can see how many clips have already used that music:


If you like the music while watching the tics in the mobile app, go to the song page by clicking on the name of the clip and add the music to your favorites. You can later use it for your videos.


If in addition to the songs you will be posting videos in which they will be played, it will help draw additional attention to the tracks. Also, you can think about not just shooting an individual video, but shooting some kind of challange, where you do something to the music. Here you should remember that Tic Toc is a platform for entertainment and the competition itself should not be complicated, it should primarily entertain the audience and create intrigue, causing a desire to see the video to the end.

It is necessary to analyze new trends of Tik Tok, to take those snippets of music that can be the best basis for a video clip. You can easily find out if the music will meet these requirements by asking yourself if you could easily come up with a video sequence for it.

Use hashtags for your music, photos, let one resonate with the other!

Upload videos that use your track to other platforms: Instagram, YouTube, etc. The more exposure you get, the better.

Like other people's photos and videos, subscribe to people, some of them are sure to subscribe to you too. The main thing to remember is that Tik Tok as well as other social networks have bans for actions considered as scamming subscribers, or "suspicious activity. Thus, the limit for likes starts at 500 hundred repetitions, and the limit for subscriptions from 200 hundred.

Don't forget to promote music on other social networks and video hosting sites. Let your followers know that you've appeared on Tik Tok as well.

In case you've already achieved a certain popularity, it wouldn't be out of place to make an agreement with some bloggers or other "colleagues" in the shop about mutual advertising. You should also think about shooting a joint video with one of the accounts - this will attract an additional audience to you.

To understand what music in Tik Tok is the most "hip" at the moment, keep an eye on the musicians who are popular on the platform.

Don't forget to monitor your profile with TikTok Pro Analytics.

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