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When creating content, keep in mind that most of the audience comes to TikTok for recreation and entertainment. Don't be too serious. Even in official videos, you can add some humor.


Take care of the visuals - different effects, background music, unusual filters, stickers and other similar elements will make the content dynamic. When using textual content in the frame, experiment with fonts and colors.


How often you need to publish videos in TikTok


    in order for your channel to "earned", tik-tokers need to add at least one new video a day, and when you want to achieve the maximum growth of subscribers - 5-8 videos every day

    optimal time of the publication for young audience under 25 years old - the first half of the day. The elder generation got used to check social networks after work - from 7 till 9 PM.

    Be sure to congratulate your subscribers on major holidays: New Year, Victory Day, Easter, and so on, depending on the format you choose



Now about the content itself. What it should be.


    The ability to monetize content. Build it up from the beginning. Think about what you can teach.


    Reach out to an audience near you. There's no point, living in Thailand, running Tik Tok for Arabs. You'll just annoy people who live nearby with your activities. Think about what interests them.


    Work for the algorithm. It needs your video to get as many reactions as possible. More likes - more views, and therefore more subscribers. Encourage users to "Like" you and write comments.


    Respond to comments with new videos. This way you show your interest in your audience and desire to communicate. This attracts new subscribers. Especially if your blog refers to a narrow subject. For example, you talk about whaling or furniture making. Users who see you for the first time do not understand anything. Get them interested in your stories.


    Ask people to become your subscribers. The "Subscribe" button on Tick Tok is very handy. You've probably seen similar requests more than once yourself. Typically, the ticktocker says, "You want more videos like this, subscribe." It's stimulating.


    Grab attention. Yes, Tick Tock originated as a social network for posting 15-second videos. But the trick is, long videos with useful content work better. Post a one-minute recipe or a 30-second how-to to see for yourself how it works.


    Take advantage of the platform's features. Tic Toc allows you to put together a beautiful, atmospheric video in seconds from what material you have, with the addition of a beautiful audio track. Take advantage of such an opportunity. Pick up trending audio tracks.


    Participate in Challenges. Not only will this save you time in finding stories for new videos, but it will also help you develop your creativity. Watch what's popular and repeat, or even better, make your own interpretation of a given topic.


    Benefit people. It can be different. Some people want to laugh, others don't know what to cook with zucchini. Your subscribers should get useful content on a regular basis.


    Don't forget about hashtags. This is important for reaching new audiences. If you want more subscribers, choose both highly specialized and popular hashtags.

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