Twitter terminology

Follower (from the English word follower - reader, follower, subscriber) - in Twitter-slang this word means a user who has subscribed to updates of your Twitter account. Literally, the English word "Follow" is translated as "Follow". If someone follows you on Twitter, they will see your public posts in their feed moments after you post. 


   A Tweet is a small message of no more than 140 characters that may contain a link, photo, video, hashtags and a mention of another user.


   A Tweet can consist of several parts: a message (text), a hashtag (a word you can use to find other messages), a link to your site or a third-party site or blog, a photo (up to 4 in one tweet), or a video. Plus, you can mention any Twitter user in your tweet. You need to put an @ sign and start typing his name in Twitter, and then choose from the drop-down list, or write his nickname in full.


   Millions of tweets from around the world are posted every day. The greatest number of tweets are published during holidays (New Year and Christmas, sports or other events).


   A retweet is a repost of any tweet that interests you. There are three icons at the bottom of each tweet: a left arrow, two arrows, and a heart. You need the second symbol, the two arrows. Clicking on it will allow you to retweet the tweet in your feed, as well as add your comment to it.


   With retweets, you share information with your readers. Retweets are like reposts on Facebook. The more people who retweet your tweet, the more people who see it and follow the link, and if they are interested in your information, they will also retweet and subscribe to you.


   Tweets from celebrities with millions of followers are retweeted the most, as well as interesting facts, funny tweets, news, promotions, and offers.


   A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a # symbol. Users can group a group of posts by topic or type using hashtags - words or phrases that begin with #. For example: #business, #marketing, #art. Short posts on Twitter social networking microblogs can be tagged with hashtags, including either one or more combined words.


  A hashtag is a tag that is used to categorize posts by topic on social media and blogs. By tagging their posts with a hashtag, online users tag them and allow other users to search for thematic information.


  This method of tagging came from Twitter and quickly spread to other social networks. If you know how to use hashtags, they can help structure information for a specific query and potentially increase traffic to your pages.

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