The secret of the hashtag

A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a # symbol. Hashtags are used to identify keywords and topics on Twitter. This Twitter feature was developed to make it easy for users to find posts on topics of interest to them.

Arranging tweets by keyword with hashtags



    The hashtag symbol (#) is placed in front of relevant keywords or phrases in a tweet and allows you to categorize your tweets for more efficient searching.

    Click the hashtag in any post to see other tweets in which it appears.

    Hashtags can be placed in any area of a tweet.

    The most popular hashtags often become hot topics.


Tips for using hashtags


    You can't use punctuation marks or spaces in a hashtag, they make the hashtag not work properly.

    A tweet with a hashtag created in an open account is searchable by the hashtag to all users.

    It is not recommended to use more than two hashtags in a single tweet, but there is actually no limit to the number of hashtags in a tweet.

    To find content and accounts of interest by keyword, enter the appropriate hashtag in the search box.

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