The 19 cardinal rules of Instagram photography


- 1 -


Try to take pictures in good light, ideally with natural light. Experiment with light, try to focus the camera on different parts of the frame: bright and dark.


- 2 -


Take several shots in a row, this way you can choose the best one.


- 3 -


Use a horizontal format unless circumstances require otherwise. People often forget to rotate their smartphone and shoot in portrait mode, which makes the photos look cropped. For the most forgetful, there is even a special program called Horizon Camera, which aligns the horizon.


- 4 -


Take pictures with the volume key. The physical button is more convenient, it's easier to press at the most appropriate moment. And because of the physical recoil, you'll know right away that you took the picture.


- 5 -


Before taking a picture, always look at the subject or scene with the naked eye, only then look through the screen. This helps you choose your angle.


- 6 -


Subscribe to famous photographers. Let them inspire you and set a good example. So, check out the work of brahmino, thiswildidea, mikekus or natgeo.


- 7 -


Take a lot of pictures and work hard - that's the only way to awaken the photographer in you. But don't fill up your personal Instagram* with all the shots in a row. Choose the best ones.


Get the most out of your phone.


- 8 -


Trim your photos and crop the details that spoil them.


- 9 -


Stylize your photos with built-in filters, but choose them wisely.


- 10 -


Make sure your camera settings are set to the maximum frame resolution. Sometimes users forget this detail and shoot with a camera set to medium or low quality.


- 11 -


Use additional programs and services that enhance Instagram*. For example, create original collages in Layout or process ready-made photos in Snapseed.


- 12 -


Use the grid in your camera settings to line up your composition with the rule of thirds.


- 13 -


Don't forget about optional accessories. A slip-on lens or tripod, for example, will bring your photos closer to the professional level. And a waterproof case will allow you to take great shots underwater.

Try different ideas, angles, scenes.


- 14 -


Avoid the clichés: cats, food, one-shot selfies... too clichéd for you, right? But if you do decide to take a self-portrait, use scientific tricks.


- 15 -


But try to take fewer pictures of yourself.  Instead, try to shoot other people, non-standard situations, interesting objects and places more often.


- 16 -


Constantly look for new subjects. Try to fill your photos with artistic value, creativity, humor, in the end.



- 17 -


Capture not only the picture, but also the feelings, try to convey the mood.


- 18 -


Experiment with angles.


- 19 -


Pay attention to small details, look around. For example, pay attention to silhouettes, highlights and shadows.


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