Promotion of business in the social network Instagram.

Instagram ( is a social network for sharing photos and short (up to 15 seconds) videos. It is the most popular among young people.


   Instagram can be used to promote your brand by posting themed photos and videos in your own account and buying such placement in the most visited themed accounts.


   To promote on Instagram, you need high-quality, bright, eye-catching photos and videos. When posting, it is desirable to use hashtags (both own and popular).


   Promotion of business in Instagram is ideal for the promotion of youth product brands.


   Promotion or promotion on Instagram involves a comprehensive approach to your account, it includes the publication of photos, optional video, adding descriptions and hashtags, geo tags (the place where the photo was taken), increasing the audience.


   These formalities are very important in self-promotion, the description will tell users about the photo, hashtags and geo-tags will help increase the visibility of your account in search. It's also important to write a competent description of your profile, depending on the topic of the account or business page, you should summarize the essence, plus add keywords.


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