Features of promotion and promotion of your brand on Twitter



Twitter is currently one of the most popular social networks, which is designed for fast communication and rapid information - especially news. It is an indispensable channel for communication and exchange of useful links. Webmasters have long understood that Twitter links speed up page indexing and positively influence search results. As for people and web resources, the number of links and reposts in personal profiles, tweets, blogs is an indicator of popularity.


    Twitter occupies a separate place in promotion due to a number of features. Its main difference is an instant link indexation in tweets, provided by special quickbots Google. Such a feature is especially relevant for:

  ✓ news sites;

  ✓ coverage of events, current events of cultural, social and political nature;

  ✓ content resources.


   Retweets are also quite a quality feature that affects clickability, both on Twitter itself and on the pages of your site. Retweets also influence the traffic of the twitter account itself, their number tells search engines about the popularity of the channel, which in turn will have a positive impact on your main site.


   Twitter is indispensable for increasing the position of your sites in search engines.  You can bring to the first page of Google inquiries only through links from Twitter accounts. If you create a section with thematic articles on your site and promote each of them through tweets and retweets on Twitter, it will allow you to send almost free traffic to your site from hundreds and thousands of people.



   Thanks to promotion in Twitter, you'll get the opportunity to achieve popularity and promote your brand. Recognizability, interest and trust in his opinion is the key to success in today's world. To develop a personal brand, you need to use as many communication tools as possible. Twitter with its speed and reach is perfect for this role. Communicate with your followers, post relevant and useful information, express your opinion and you will undoubtedly achieve success.



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