How to get the most out of Instagram Stories

The wave of growth in Instagram Stories is gaining momentum! Today there are about 500 million users who post and view the Stories feed. And this means that there is a reason to analyze this tool for brand promotion and sales growth. Two marketing services Buffer and Delmondo conducted such work, and we share the results and conclusions with you.


Optimal size of stories.



It's worth mentioning that the researchers used the Completion Rate metric to estimate the volume of stories. That is, the number of views of posts from start to finish within 24 hours.


In the chart below, you can see that stories consisting of 1-7 slides (photos/videos) get the most views. The post experiences several declines within 24 hours, and the most tangible happens just after the 7th slide. Whereas, the first 5 get the lion's share of views. Of course, the conclusions on the volume of stories are advisory in nature. Another conclusion that can be drawn from the graph is that stories consisting of 10-20 slides still get almost 60% of views. The power of such a format of posts is extremely high, and it is worth taking advantage of if you are promoting products or services on Instagram.

Time for Stories posts.



In their findings, the researchers confirmed the ancient hypothesis that post engagement increases after hours. During the day, as can be seen in the graph, four bursts of activity were observed in terms of views of Stories, and they all occur either earlier in the morning, when people have not yet begun their work day, or at lunchtime, when there is time to get away from the office, or in the evening hours, when it is safe to relax and be distracted by social networks.

Focusing on this data, you can build a marketing strategy so as to get the maximum reach of the audience.



The main trick with stories is that they "live" in the feed for only 24 hours. This means that there is always room for new content to be published. Agree that the more subscribers an account has, the harder it is to get on its feed. Storywise, because of its limited lifespan, solves this problem. Researchers point out the correlation between the frequency of posting stories and the reach of the audience and the number of impressions. Yes, the more often you do stories, the more users see you. We're not saying you should do posts just for the sake of quantity. But certainly, given the engagement and high response to this format, it is worth paying close attention to this tool in the promotion of an Instagram account.

An additional tool for promoting an account is still finding new subscribers and liking posts. We recommend LikesRock - quality Instagram marketing will give your account a rapid impetus for growth.

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