How to become an Instagram guru

What do users pay attention to in the brand's account?


When visiting an Instagram page for the first time, potential followers evaluate a number of important differences:


     Name and description of the "cap" of the account.

     Image content: photos and videos. Creatives and stories

     Overall visual effects: color tones, text and photo ratios.

     The relevance and usefulness of the information presented

     Format and literacy of publications

     Accessible IGTV videos and timeless stories.


How to design profile header in instagram?


Filling out a new social network account should begin by filling in the so-called profile "header". This is the face of your brand and the first thing your prospects focus on. A "hat" should include:


     name and nickname

     Photo (avatar)

     Description of your profile

     Links to hashtags account or website

     Contact information.


name and nickname


When choosing a nickname and the name of your Instagram page, it is best to use the brand name. name should be the same This will be the most convenient for users to search. Nicknames should be as simple as possible and easy to understand by ear.

profile picture


The beautifully designed circular company logo is the main symbol for the brand. But if you don't have a logo Use product images or brand-related images. For restaurants - food, textile shops - pillows, beauty salons - cosmetics or luxury cosmetics.


Images should be as clear and bright as possible. Attract attention and not get lost in other images. Hundreds of pictures The experts suggested rejecting the small inscription. and play with fonts Because the user will not be able to read the text on the photo.


Profile Description

As for the description, there are only 150 symbols, so you can tell potential customers about you. What do you have to write to reach your goal? Focus on competitive advantages add lead magnet Outline the scope of activities.


Do not duplicate contact information or addresses. You can enter all the information in the special fields below. You can use emojis or symbols to successfully divide information and structure it into paragraphs.


Link to a hashtag or account

One of the great options Instagram has is the ability to increase hashtag subscriptions. There is also an option to leave links to other hashtags or profiles. in the account description with this feature Business account owners can create collections of topical publications or share addresses of other corporate accounts. You can add links from those profiles to your main account.


contact information

Under "Edit Profile", you can use built-in tools to help shorten your customer journey. add current address phone number An email that will be pulled up in an active button under your business account description. Instagram allows you to instantly open a link with your company's location information in the Maps app on your smartphone. So be sure to update it in a timely manner. You can also add links to your website.


Immortal tales.

An ideal option for saving important stories is the "Topics" section above the publication feed. with this tool Users can keep stories in themed albums. Add a story to an album choose a cover photo and choose a short name

The cover image is designed in a logical, blended, and easy-to-understand style. to change the look of the tape or create "Immortal story" - you can use the services of designers. A professional will listen to your wishes and create a unique cover based on the corporate style of your brand.


In the album you can put information about:


    Seasonal offers and promotions

    Service and product reviews

    Reviews and testimonials from customers

    New products in the group.

    brand information



World-renowned brands work to improve visual parts. Actively follow and implement trends, modernizing the Tone of Voice for modern needs, so such a clear and thoughtful strategy will ensure success. increase brand awareness and attract a loyal audience If the overall image is attractive and the content is useful and interesting. Your followers will become part of your audience.

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