Popular 8 tricks that will increase engagement on Instagram.

Are you wondering what photos to post on Instagram to get your customers to like them? Olapic, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin, conducted a study to understand which photos increase sales and which increase engagement. More than 131,000 photos published on 61 company pages were analyzed. In particular, the experts tracked the behavior of people who viewed photos of users posted on the page of brands: whether the person bought something from the company after viewing the photo, and what kind of product it was


Photo Content

Learn how to make quality content. Quality content for your audience. Every extra likes increases your organic reach by a few dozen people. Any accounts have more likes on really cool photos than others and times more reach. And you can upload photos to Instagram* from your computer with Inssist.

Get rid of dark, blurry, dirty photos. Get rid of plaques and blahs in photos.



Get rid of all the clicks.

If you have a lot of bots or dead weight subscribers, get rid of them. Subscribers who don't respond to content don't do you any good. Instagram's algorithms, of course, look at how people respond to content, if the algorithms "see" that a lot of Asian guys aren't liking your content, then you shouldn't show your content to other Asian subscribers either.

To learn how to set up your ads properly, check out "Total Advertising: Facebook and Instagram" course for beginners.

Remove bots, non-targeted audiences, and mass-followers. Massfollowers are those who have more than 1,500 subscriptions. 100% they are not interested in your account. Remove the audience that is definitely not your target audience, if you can distinguish by gender, city, country, and so on. But a beauty blogger should NOT delete them! Who will like it?



Create a smart strategy for using hashtags

The importance of hashtags in Instagram* is highly overrated. In my opinion, it's perfectly acceptable to say that hashtags don't work. BUT, do your research on your audience, maybe some hashtags are what they're looking for in Instagram*.

Don't use hashtags with garbage content, used for spam, or blocked.

It used to be that to get into the top 9, you had to get more likes in the first minutes than other people using that hashtag. In principle, you can team up with friends who also want to be in the top 9, you share hashtags with each other and like each other as soon as you have a new post.




Find your rhythm and time for publishing

The algorithmic feed has killed the importance of posting at certain times. I've changed my posting times a few times, mostly changing the dynamics of liking, but not engagement in general terms.

If you want to get into the "flow" of quick likes, study Livdune's stats, test the times you haven't tried yet.



Call to action.

Add a call to action to your content. Ask your audience to do something, add a provocation. Many bloggers, directly ask for likes, of their subscribers. You can test this idea, among your audience, but most likely, because of the words "comment", "like", you will get lower organic traffic. That's what the VC article says. But, what's stopping you from checking it out?


Instagram Gang

An Instagram gang is an association of bloggers into one group, mainly to like each other's content. They say that a likes from an account of 5,000 followers, is more valuable than from an account of 300 followers. That's why these updates happen. Gangs also share news and observations on Instagram


Actively use Instagram stories.

This is a cool topic! Through stories and likes, you can reach the audience that doesn't see your newsfeed, get them interested in yourself and thus increase your organic reach.

Through active use of Instagram stories, I've increased one account's reach by 50%.


Interactive content.

Contests, pranks, games, puzzles, chats within the account. Each interactive content gains half as much coverage as usual. But don't participate in giveways. Gives are not officially banned, but they have been known to cause numerous instances of losing an account.




Let's summarize            

We have to live with an algorithmic Instagram feed*, and that magical time when every subscriber saw content is not coming back. So we have to:


    Make bombastic photo content,

    Get rid of the scams,

    Learn to use hashtags.

    Find our publishing mode

    Learn what a CTA is.

    Might have to join an Instagram* gang

    Actively use Instagram* stories

    Run games, contests, and giveaways frequently.

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