Telegram channel for the sake of money. Is it worth it


Telegram boasts today perhaps one of the most engaged audiences in its eco-system. There are reasons for this: the messenger has taken a major step toward security by announcing Telegram Passport technology, which allows to solve problems of user authorization on any website on the Internet. In addition, the messenger has made it possible to create polls among channel readers, which, together with a convenient notification system and hashtags, makes Telegram today an attractive tool for solving marketing tasks.


In the near future, the administration plans to open an advertising exchange. It will become much more convenient to buy ads or sell, because, according to Telegram's statement, all transactions will take place using the new token Gram (Telegram Open Network). You can read a separate article about the new cryptocurrency in Knowledge Base.


In fact, today the messenger is ready to give everything you need to promote a unique idea quickly and with focus.


As an example, look at the project of a large Moscow luxury real estate developer, who launched a Telegram bot with the ability to sign up to view apartments in new buildings in their region. The success was built upon and clients were also able to make a paid reservation for the apartments they liked! Needless to say, the tools to implement this idea are open to everyone, and they are free.


Another example is the "Science and Facts" channel with an audience of just over 100,000 people. The owner, according to him, has an average monthly income from advertising of about $2,000. The format of the content on the channel does not look very complicated: a bright picture and a description of an interesting fact. Again, Telegram provides the tools to implement such an idea to anyone, and it is absolutely free!


If you have not yet decided whether you need your own Telegram-channel or not, and whether it is possible to make money on it, then do not doubt! Bravely include your imagination and try to implement the most daring ideas in the messenger.


Develop and earn with us!


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