How to create a chat in Telegram

Telegram, like most messengers, allows you to create both individual and group chats. Moreover, it is possible to create special secret chats. But how to create a chat in Telegram? For this, as usual, there are several ways.


In the mobile version, to create a chat, you only need to mark the user with whom you intend to communicate - and write something to him. You can also click on the icon with a pencil in a blue circle - and Telegram will prompt you to select the user you want to chat with. In the PC and online version, in principle, everything is the same. All you have to do is select a user from the right side of the window and write to him.

How to create a chat in Telegram: group


To create a group chat, you must first create a new group. To do this in the mobile version, click on the same service button in the form of bars, then select "New Group" and mark the users to be included in the group chat. Later on, users can be deleted from the group and new ones can be added.

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The ability to create a group chat has recently appeared in the PC version. To do this, click on the inconspicuous gray pencil and paper button next to the search box in the upper right corner of the messenger window. And in the menu that appears, select "New group". By the way, in the latest versions of Telegram, there is also an option to create a new channel in the same menu. Previously, this was only available in the full mobile version for iOS and Android.

Telegram secret chat


How do you create a special kind of chat in Telegram - a secret one? This special kind of chat is because your messages:

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    New Group


    Create Chat


    are encrypted using an enhanced security protocol;

    transmitted directly from one device to another;

    can be deleted automatically after a certain period of time.


Creating secret chats is only available in the mobile version of Telegram. To do this, click on the service button in the form of bars in the upper left corner of the screen and select "New Secret Chat". Next, you will need to specify exactly who you want to include in the chat and the period for saving messages, after which they will be automatically erased from all devices at once. Knowing how to create a chat in Telegram - all their types - you can use all the features of this messenger, as they say, "at full throttle".


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