Video uploaded. What's next Promoting videos on YouTube.

In one of our articles we talked about the peculiarities of working with YouTube. We dealt with the marketing arsenal and options for its application.


Now let's talk about the culture of video promotion.


In three years, video content will completely displace the textual publications from the content of social networks. The vice-president of Facebook Nicola Mendelson is sure of that. It was high time to use the possibilities of such powerful marketing yesterday. After all, today 80% of all traffic on the Web accounts for the video content!


First of all, it is important to evaluate the competitiveness of your chosen video topic. It's enough to choose appropriate keywords and look at the results YouTube offers, as well as assess the quality and relevance of your videos.


Next, you should work out the subject matter of your future videos. Successful channels, as a rule, make videos of several types: training, reviews, entertainment.


A multi-format channel has more advantages. Diverse content will bring more new subscribers, the average percentage of engagement will be higher, and the overall rating of the channel will grow significantly. In addition, pay attention to the channel's appearance, its design. A selection of playlists is a great way to promote new views, as is tying in links to social networks and an interesting description of the channel itself!


Uploading a video:


    Fill out the metadata competently. Tags for the video should reflect the content. In the title and description of the video as well consider the keywords.

    Prepare a bright, attractive preview! It is better to use the services of a professional designer, because the preview - the first thing that catches the user.

    At the end of the video, make a special insert linking it to other videos you've published before.

    It makes sense to add each video to a playlist at once. Or several.

    Post a few comments below the video.

    Share a link to the new video in other social networks.


After you've done these steps, you can consider the first and most important stage of sellshackle ready.

For those who are planning to make official money from advertising in your videos, we advise you to connect Adwords advertising network. Prominent views counter will quickly arouse the interest of marketers. 52% of which, by the way, considers video the best advertising format. This means that the purchase of advertising on the channel in the coming years will be in demand

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