Promoting videos on YouTube tips, opinions, nuances

It's amazing how quickly YouTube has gained a huge global audience. According to recent data, 82% of 18 to 44 year olds regularly watch video content on YouTube. In addition, video hosting is the fourth most popular project on the Internet.

Video service provides the widest tools for digital professionals to promote authoring videos, build a digital channel of communication with the consumer on the basis of video hosting, conduct research, collect opinions - in the skillful hands of YouTube today is a source of social capital accumulation in the Web for both the average person and the company.


Of course, video service pays a very close attention to the factors that influence the ranking of the video clip. Therefore, when starting to work with YouTube, it is important to know that success in promotion depends on the compilation of key factors and a number of secondary factors.


Let's analyze by example:


Audience retention (%, how many people have watched the video to the end);

Optimized title and description;

The number of views;

Don't stop at short 15-second videos. YouTube wants the user to spend as much time on the site as possible. Then he has a higher chance to interact with the ads. Therefore, try to focus on the quality of content and production. A 20 minute video with 50% audience retention will definitely get to the top, rather than a 1.5 minute video with 80% retention.


When preparing a video for publication, it's important to choose the description and keywords carefully. There are a lot of services on the web that help with this task for a fee or not. Key words should be in the title of the video, the description, and do not be afraid to use YouTube tips.


Video service can not ignore videos that are gaining views. As a consequence of preparing a competent title and description and verified quality content, the number of views will increase. It always takes time to get off to a solid start, though. Until the new video will be indexed and get into the rankings, time will pass. We recommend launching an advertising campaign in our LikesRock service during this period. All you need to do is register in your personal cabinet and "create a new task". Specify the link to your YouTube video and set the desired reward for the performer and the required viewership limits. You will see the result in a short time.


Secondary factors affecting video promotion include:




New subscribers;


Viewers from third-party sites (probably the most significant factor. If the YouTube player is on another site and there are views from it, this video will definitely be higher in search results);


Promotion on YouTube is quite a different level. Sometimes you can find other unique solutions or schemes to help your video get higher and collect views while you're experimenting. Ranking algorithms are updated regularly.


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