Pack up and present your brand

Before you start promoting in TikTok, prepare yourself: create a clear strategy, determine your own positioning, choose a style of communication with your audience. Only on the basis of the data you've prepared, start filling out your profile. This is important, because users should understand who you are and what you do when they first get to know your account.



To build a personal brand, it's important to clearly articulate what you do and how you differ from your competitors.


"It's hard to plan in advance what your brand will end up looking like. But you can make a list of your strengths, uniquenesses and features. And analyze how it all comes together.


But you can't think about the target audience yet, its understanding will come later. It is difficult to assess the audience at once, and you can make a mistake. In my opinion, it is better to start by creating content and seeing what kind of people will come to it. And already after you understand what kind of audience you are interested in, you can expand it. But remember, it is difficult to dramatically change the audience, and why - let those who are interested in this image become your followers.

Unique selling proposition


A personal brand - where to start? Define your UTP (unique selling proposition), that is, what sets you apart from your competitors. Describe yourself, your business and your features. Even if you have chosen a niche with many competitors, it is important to be clear about what makes you different.


For example, if you are a photographer, it is important to define the direction - perhaps you do only black and white portraits, categorically do not use Photoshop or work only with newborns under a month. This will be your CPR, which will help you reach your audience. Most importantly, don't try to please everyone, but focus on what you are most interested in.

Essential steps:


    Set up an avatar. This can be an image of the "face of the brand", a logo, a mascot. You can use a normal picture as well as a GIF or video.

    Fill in the header of the profile. Specify the name of the company in the nickname. Provide a clear theme to the profile, explaining the nature of your business.

    Provide a link to the site. You can add one active link in the bio profile. Add a link to the home site or landing page to tell more about your brand.

    Switch your account to PRO. This will open access to additional business features.



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